27 January 2014

Fake Love

Dear man,

I know,

You are excellent. You are intelligent, wealthy, handsome. You are perfect. Congrats!


No matter how well you are, no matter how attractive you are to me, I don't like you. I repeat, I DON'T LIKE YOU.

I'm sorry for my attitude, I'm sorry for my respect towards you where you should deserve it, I'm sorry for my bad. I will try my best to be professional with you. I promise.

If you want me

to like you,

Why don't you help me? By stop disturbing me. Leave me alone. Treat me like others. Par treat. I am a grown-up girl. I'm sensitive. I can't defend special-like attention. I'm alert. I can sense your game towards me.

Let's stop this game. We can live happily

with each other's own way. :)
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